Stop Selling Us Fake Drinks” – Singer BNXN Pleads With Club Owners

Daniel Benson, better known by his stage as BNXN, is a well-known Nigerian musician and composer. He called out a lounge for selling him phony drinks and threatened to expose them if they did it again.Former Buju member BNXN went out to socialize at an unidentified lounge where they were selling phony cocktails at the same price as real ones.

Although he withheld the identity of the, Lounge requested that they respect his financial situation,

his health, and give him his entire investment.He said that he would make sure to get the hypeman from the club or lounge the microphone the next time anything similar happened in order to expose them:”

Stop selling us fake drinks, since we’ve already spent a lot of money on expensive drinks.”


Posted Dec 11th, 2023




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