These new cats are not smiling o, I’m now an upcoming artist” – 2face Idibia says

Nigerian singer-songwriter-record producer Innocent Ujah Idibia is also known by his stage name, 2face Idibia.

He just declared in a statement that he is now a developing artist.During the unveiling of brand-new hit songs by newly signed musicians on various Nigerian record labels,

the iconic musician made this claim.He said that he was working on something right now, hinting that he would be making a move of his own, but he also acknowledged their presence and influence in the music industry.

The well-known musician posted the following on Instagram: “Meeen!, Not one of these new cats is grinning. I don’t look to up-and-coming musicians,

Chai. However, as they say, we won’t be voting for anyone this year. I like it this way in the kitchen.


Posted Jan 3rd, 2024




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