Why I don’t want to be anybody’s role model” – Odumodublvck

The well-known rapper Tochukwu Gbubemi Ojogwu, also known as Odumodublvck, gives his followers and anyone else who looks up to him an explanation of why he doesn’t think of himself as a role model.

In an interview with Zero Conditions, the “Picanto” singer said he disagrees with the notion of responding to criticism with criticism in order to protect his reputation.

He made a point of saying that, like Davido, Phyno, and everyone else, he would always respond to insults with something equally appropriate.

He says that people shouldn’t look up to him as a role model because he indulges in many vices, like drinking, smoking, and fornicating. The best thing they can do for themselves, in his opinion, is to follow Jesus rather than him.

See the responses that followed this.@UgoBoss_”The best advice to those who have allowed social media and the lifestyle of celebrities to cloud their thought process,”

stated Tony.Written by @ay_sadiq: “Spilled facts💯”Living your life, don’t go blaming your mistakes on your role model.“Lmao he has a point though, Jesus Christ is our only role model,”

said @LupinIkenga in response to a comment.According to timi_of_lagos, OdumoduBlvck always speaks the truth. This man surpasses the majority of your preferred yarning daists.


Posted Dec 26th, 2023




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