Actor Jerry Amilo’s new complexion in trending video causes buzz

Online buzz has been generated by a video that is circulating and shows prominent Nollywood actor Jerry Amilo looking incredibly light-skinned.

The actor was seen in the film alongside his coworkers, looking like they were getting ready for a shoot.

Netizens were drawn to the actor because of his skin, which gave the impression that he had albinism.

People from social media flocked to the comments section to express their opinions.“The best skin type is black skin,” according to TheStudentConnectv.

I hope a lot of Black people are aware of that. Refuse to bleach.“Someone said he’s now a Jenny’s glow ambassador 💔😂,” Mandy Chuks said.“Na that f@ke fanta just Dey ring for my mind,”

stated Seun_dreams.“My question is… how will they recognize him in his international passport 🤔🤔,” inquired Officialyetundebakare.


Posted Dec 21st, 2023




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