After 10,000 women and 15,000 children later you people are still calling my name” – Sophia Momodu floors Davido’s fan

Sophia Momodu, Davido’s first mother, is a well-known singer. She has taken offense at him and his fan, claiming that the musician’s adorable vacation with Chioma and their twins must be hurting her feelings.

The Afrobeats musician shared a sweet video of him and his wife, Chioma, strolling about with their twins in the US, as you may recall.On the microblogging site Twitter, a satirical fan said that Sophia Momodu, a single mother of one, is definitely upset right now.

“After seeing Davido & Chioma with their twins Sophia Momodu go dey dey fume now,” stated @IAMSADIQ.

Sophia Momodu retorted that the internet was still abuzz about the musician even if she had more children and adulterous affairs after her.

She persisted in berating Nigerians, encouraging them to move on and forget about her.She wrote…“Na wa.” After 10,000 women and 15,000 children, you people are still phoning me? In 2023, put an end to this smelly,

stalkerish conduct. Put in a move now! Get some rest! I realize I give you all life, but my goodness! Proceed now! You guys are really strange with this made-up story.


Posted Jan 5th, 2024




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