Watch George Floyd’s Last Moment, ‘I Can’t Breathe’ (Full Video)

This Video is a Live recording of the arrest by a bystander and streamed to Facebook Live, which quickly went viral. Chauvin is seen on This video applying pressure with his knee to Floyd’s neck while his hand is in his pocket. Former police officers were critical of Chauvin’s left hand appearing to be in his pocket, as if he was striking a casual pose or relaxing as Floyd warned police about his struggle to breathe.

When the video starts, Floyd is already pinned chest down to the ground, and Officer Chauvin is kneeling on his neck. Floyd repeatedly tells Chauvin “Please” and “I can’t breathe”, while also moaning, groaning, and sobbing. A bystander tells police, “You got him down. Let him breathe.”

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After Floyd says “I’m about to die”, Chauvin tells Floyd to relax. The police ask Floyd, “What do you want?” Floyd answers, “I can’t breathe.” Floyd states: “Please, the knee in my neck, I can’t breathe.” Someone tells Floyd to “get up and get in the car” (which Agence France Presse, CBS News and WVLT-TV identify as one of the officers, while Buzzfeed News says it is “unclear” whether it was an officer speaking), to which Floyd replies, “I will … I can’t move.” Chauvin would continue to kneel on Floyd’s neck as he struggled. Floyd cries out, “Mama! Floyd says, “My stomach hurts, my neck hurts, everything hurts”, and requests water. The police do not audibly respond to Floyd. Floyd begs, “Don’t kill me.”

Chauvin was described as putting his full body weight onto Floyd’s neck. One bystander points out that Floyd is bleeding from the nose. Another tells the police that Floyd is “not even resisting arrest right now”. The police tell the bystanders that Floyd was “talking, he’s fine”; a bystander replies that Floyd “ain’t fine”. The bystander protests that the police were preventing Floyd from breathing, urging them, “Get him off the ground … You could have put him in the car by now. He’s not resisting arrest or nothing. You’re enjoying it. Look at you. Your body language.”

Floyd goes silent and motionless, but Chauvin does not lift his knee from Floyd’s neck. The bystanders protest that Floyd is “not responsive”, and repeatedly ask the police to check Floyd’s pulse. A bystander questions, “Did they fucking kill him?”

An ambulance eventually arrives, and Chauvin does not remove his knee until emergency medical services put Floyd’s unresponsive body on a stretcher. The body is loaded into the ambulance, and taken away. A male bystander says that the police “just really killed” Floyd. This video showed that Chauvin had knelt on Floyd’s neck for at least seven minutes.

Other videos

A second bystander video, taken from inside a vehicle, shows Floyd being removed from his vehicle. Vice describes that Floyd “doesn’t appear to be resisting – just standing next to his car”. The Independent wrote, “The video shows two policemen pulling Mr. Floyd from his car without any apparent resistance.”

A six-minute video from a security camera of a nearby restaurant was provided to the news media. It shows two officers removing a man from a vehicle. The man is handcuffed and brought to a sidewalk, where he sits down. A third officer arrives. Later, an officer helps the man stand up again, and two officers bring the man to a police vehicle, where the man falls onto the ground. While police initially claimed that Floyd had resisted arrest, this surveillance video “shows officers calmly detaining him”, according to CBS News. The surveillance video “does not support police claims that George Floyd resisted arrest”, wrote CNN.

A video of the incident from a different angle showed “three officers have Floyd pinned on the ground, while another stands over him”, reported CBS Evening News. The Wall Street Journal described it as “three officers are seen sitting on” Floyd.

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Posted Jun 1st, 2020



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