WAEC: KAPEK calculator tricks and shortcuts to find solutions to your questions

Like I persistently notice, don’t skim through this article, read circumspectly and comprehend.

Number cruncher stunts

It’s imperative to pay heed that we will be the utilization of WAEC’s Kapek® number cruncher which is entirely one of a kind from the standard clinical adding machine.

Sparing Data/values

When working, every now and then there’s is a requirement for putting away our answers so as to play out another count.

#1 type in ur answer.

#2 press the move button.

#3 press the RCL(STO) button joined by methods for the (- ) button.

The mini-computer will show a message showing that the activity become fruitful.

You can spare different information, rehash the steps above. This time utilize the °•,,, button rather than (- ).

Recovering put away information

Sparing is pointless if it is extremely unlikely to recover our information. It resembles showing an amateur how to fly and now not training him an approach to land.

To see your spared information, genuinely press the RCL(STO) button saw by methods for the (- ) key.

Lists (xⁿ)

Some of the time we have to cure lists with a vitality extra than three. For example, 10⁴ to do this for all intents and purposes press the 10 ^ four. Check the picture under to see where you can discover the ^ key.

Working with divisions

I regularly observe undergrads convert portions to decimals sooner than they can clear up it with the adding machine, a couple favor the use of a separation which could make your work untidy.

One way to do this is to utilize the abdominal muscle/c key.

For instance in the event that you need to kind 7⅓ , watch this example 7 > abdominal muscle/c >1> stomach muscle/c > 3. The mini-computer is definitely not a characteristic show, it will appear this 7>1>3. You can likewise change over decimals to divisions the use of the indistinguishable key.

Composing Alphabet

The alpha key isn’t accessible on the Kapek® number cruncher. Nonetheless, it’s miles still feasible to type the letters in order. Press the RCL(STO) button followed with the guide of any of the catches inside the yellow hover under.

Arithmetic Shortcuts/stunts

You don’t should press your number cruncher on each event you need to check if a particular wide assortment is distinguishable by utilizing some other. It hinders your works of art.

Division Test

#1 Divisible by method of 2 – the assortment will surrender with an even wide assortment or 0.

#2 Divisible with the guide of three – include the entirety of the digits of the number, on the off chance that the whole is detachable by methods for three, at that point it’s far a factor.

#three Divisible by means of four – the end digits of the range might be distinguishable by method of four.

#4 Divisible by means of 5 – the wide assortment will surrender with 0 or 5

#five Divisible through 6 – A wide assortment is detachable by utilizing 6 if it’s miles even and if the total of its digits is distinct by 3.

#6 Divisible by means of 8 – the last three digits of the number may be separable by means of 8.

#7 Divisible through 9 – the total of the digits of the wide assortment may be separable by 9

#8 Divisible by utilizing 10 – the wide assortment will stop with 0.

Transformation of units

With this basic stunt, you don’t need to pack your measurement table. For example, on the off chance that you have to change over kilometer to a meter. This isn’t not unordinary in arithmetic anyway it’s far useful concerning material science.

The procedure is alluded to as King Herod’s Daughter.

#1 record the abbreviation KHDMDCM at the rear of your statement.

#2 One approach to pack the abbreviation is to state it like this “Ruler Herod Daughter Must Die Cooking Meat”.

#three K technique Kilo, H strategy Hecto, D approach Deca, M approach Meter or gram while estimating weight and liter went estimating volume, the second one D way Deci, C way centi and the second one M technique milli.

Suppose you need to change 1 kilometer to meter, compose 1 underneath the K, and compose zero to the rest until it arrives at the M. This shows 1000m make 1kg.

Check the picture underneath for clearness;

The more prominent you practice, the snappier you become.


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Posted Aug 4th, 2020



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