Stop using these body creams, it eats up your Skin.


Melanin production in the body is blocked by most of the skin whitening creams we use daily.

The main action of these creams is to inhibit the enzyme tryosinase. Combination of gels or lotions along with a sunscreen are found in this whitening creams. Below are some of the components that are mixed up in this skin whitening products that makes them dangerous to buy or keep using.

Hydroquinone – this is the main substance that is used for whitening the skin because of its antioxidant abilities. The Cosmetic concentrations are available in 2%,which can be gotten over the counter while other concentrations are at 4%.

Hydroquinone helps to aid the reaction of bleaching the skin at a speed rate.

Contrary to people’s opinion it doesn’t lighten the skin but it bleaches the skin. Any skin bleaching cream which has over 2% of Hydroquinone can be harmful to the skin. It can lead to skin irritation, burning sensation and even cause cancer.

Some people even experience darker skin when they stop using it.

Kojic Acid – This is the end-product of malting rice, based on study it was shown that Kojic acid is efficient in inhibiting the production of melanin but this is also an unstable ingredient in which without the right cosmetic preparation.

When exposed to the rays of sunlight, this can turn brown and therefore lose its efficiency. Several cosmetic companies have used Kojic dipalmitate as an effective alternative.

Arbutin – This is a potent alternative to hydroquinone. Arbutin is gotten from mulberry, white mulberry, bearberry, and paper mulberry. The action of arbutin is to inhibit melanin production.

Some forms of arbutin can be found in pears and this substance is considered safe over other skin whitening ingredients but its not mainly in cosmetic preparations.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) – This ingredient can easily penetrate the skin because of its molecular size. The benefit of AHA is to regenerate cell and remove abnormal layers of the skin (exfoliation) but while doing this some layers of the skin are wiped off.

The superficial layer of the skin is where most discolorations occur which could probably spread to the outer layer skin.

Mercury – This chemical has many dangerous negative effects which causes kidney damage, skin discoloration, excessive scarring on the skin, and in severe cases, causing outer layers of the skin to peel while creating a blueish, grey complexion.

Mercury can also affect brain functions and impair speech and hearing. When the use of these products that are laced with mercury are prolonged it has shown that it would lead to increase anxiety, depression, psychosis, and brain defects to newborn children during pregnancy.

When trying to skim over the list of ingredients, we should know that mercury isn’t always classified.

Sometimes companies may try to rename it under mercurous chloride, calomel, mercuric, or mercurio. If you notice any of the following in any cream, serum or moisturizer, please avoid it.

Carcinogenic/Mineral oil – This leads to drying of the skin and can even to lead to sudden ageing.

Monobenzone – It can develop uneven depigmentation of the skin and increase the skin’s sensitivity in sunlight’s ray. In terms of depigmentation, it can pose a threat to those you come in close contact with.

By using monobenzone, you can inadvertently cause depigmentation to other people’s skin by simple contact.this skin lightening chemical not only poses risks to yourself but can put other people at risk.

1) Novaclear Whitening Body Lotion

2) QRxlabs Whitening Cream

3) LightenUp Plus

4) Fair & Lovely

5) Bocherry Whitening Cream

6) Anlome Whitening Cream

7) Fair & Brite

8) Whiteglow Skin Whitening Cream

9) Papaya Whitening Cream

10) Caro White

11) Makari Beautifying Milk

12) Q7 Whitening Serum

13) Carro 7

14) Skin Light

15) Maxi light

16) Carotone

17) Clear Touch


19) Bio Claire

20) Fair and White

21) Lemon clear

22) White Express

23) Maxi Claire

24) Rapidclaire

25) Shirley Beauty Cream

26) Crusador Ultra

27) Bright & Even Skin Lightening

The danger of these creams are the effects on the skin. Not only do they pill off the defending thick surface of your skin, they also eat into the skin and cause burns which in return create a terrible smell and subject you to the mercy of perfumes.

The continuous use of these creams are damaging to the skin, and if you’re already using it and you stop, it also damages the skin but it’s a lot safer and better, so that you can start using naturals to fix your skin. I’m sure it’s a lot of stress buying more expensive creams alike to clear black knuckles, skin decoration and stretch marks that generates from using these whitening creams.

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Posted Aug 5th, 2020



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