Star Life: Thursday Updates on GEET (20 February 2020)

Geet on the terrace.. Dev says GEET.. Geet turns..n looks with anger..n Dev looks away..n Geet says… i have been wondering..what would i do when u come before me….. all those question my family ask me..i shall ask u…then i thought…what is the use…if u had to answer…u would have not ditch me at the airport…n says..what is the use to talk to u… I should have handed u over…n Dev says….Geet i m ur offender..n Geet says..i don’t wanna listen.. Dev says please… n Geet says no…no excuse for what u did..u deserve only punishment n ask him not to come near her…till i send u to jail..i won’t listen to you n Dev try to hold Geet n Geet says.. don’t dare to touch me..n Dev says..i deserve this kinda hate ..i m a big offender…but i couldn’t pass a day without praying to God to change the past..

Geet says..u cant change past…. u have to face….it..n like how i spent each day….u have to spend too.. On hearing Geet threatens to expose him and put him behind bars. He request Geet not to tell Maan the truth. Dev says.. don’t punish bro for wat i did…… don’t affect ur coming life for ur past life..if bro find out..he will be destroyed.. he requests with folded hands.

Geet says..u don’t have right to ask me anything..n Dev says…i m not asking from u Geet..i wanna ask from the girl who changed my bro forever….who loves this girl like anything..who has healed all his wounds…. He further asks Geet what will be left of MSKs life if he found out the truth… he wil be shattered… the choice is urs Geet…………whatever u do…decide first….that whether ur love for Maan is more or ur hate for me….. ur choice.. n Dev leaves.

Geet collapses with hand on her tummy..n cries…… Maneet engagement being covered by Media n all says….a secretary from a small city like HP has captured MSKs heart….

MSK bare torso shown..face in shadow…. n shown wearing the sherwani… Geet being made ready n the girls say… they don’t like these jewelery and lets get something else… n people see Geets mehndi spoiled n say..its big ‘Apshagun’ (bad omen) and asks how it happen?. Geet recollect slapping Dev.. n says.. all bad omen is happening.. n run away from there..

Dev talk with his room.. that he don’t know whether she will listen to me…or not….. coz if not..its not her fault.. n Meera says…forget it…. and get ready … Dev says..i don’t wanna go down..n meera says u have to face…whatever happens downstairs..either to support Geet if she hasn’t spoken..n if she has said..then to face MSK..u can’t hide like this..

Pinky asks Daadi..where is Geet coz I can’t find her…… On the other side, Dev asks Meera…where is Geet?. MSK comes in n asks…what are u talking about ur sis in law …..hiding here?. Daadi asks MSK..where is Geet? Daadi says…Pinky can’t find her in the house…

MSK is shock and goes to find Geet..saying she is playing hide n seek with me since morning.. On hearing this, Dev asks Meera did she leave….?

As the party gets under way, Geet remains undecided on whether to go ahead with Maan’s proposal or punish Dev. Geet walk in trance outside… stormy climate..recollecting Dev n MSKs words…, Deveet ( Dev and Geet ) wedding…..n MSK saving her….frm Brij n Maans words…at lake n Devs actions…. n MSKs declaration that Geet is MSKs manali.. n says… Everytime. She say Dev cheated me.. MSK saved me…

MSK comes in Geets room searching for Geet….n sees Pinky, he asks where’s Geet?. Pinky says… have been searching for her since long…but she don’t know where she has gone?. A worried MSK says.. Where are u Geet?.

Geet who don’t know how to resolve this confusion is still out n in turmoil recollecting MSKs words….about…her past not affecting him…n taqdeerdestiny n bedaag rishta spotless relation……. n says…. Devs hate brought me here….n look at the engagement ring MSK gave her….n says…MSKs love taught me how to live…

Geet says..Babaji…what cross-road u have brought me to…. whether i chose MSKs happiness …if i tell him the truth his hapiness will be ruined forever……..but if i let go of Dev ..then she wonder how many girls lives will be ruined like this…!! Should i turn back or move ahead………

Geet’s behaviour embarrasses Dadimaa as all are talking and looking for Geet. She is on the road. Pinky is worried talking to Adi how can Geet do this, how can she leave Maan sir. Daadi, MK both are feeling bad and embarrass. Tasha bad mouthing about Geet. Daadi suggests MK to end the party, as Geet won’t return. MK says nothing and walks off.

Geet is on the road while Dev-MK words echoing in her mind, crying. MK scene is shown walking, searching for Geet with flash backs specially taveez connecting maneet and their promise to each other. Finally Geet realises her mistake as she looks at her ring and thinks she is doing same to MK, what Dev did to her. How can she leave MK in this situation.

Deveera ( Dev-Meera ) also on the road but in car, Dev tells Meera that we have to find her else all will be finished and MK will never come out of this shock. Meera says but where would we find her. Geet comes back to see the party has finished, she is shocked that all are gone. She says she made big mistake and has come very late.

The servant asks if he can remove the table and gets answer that yes no need of it, Geet and both are rooted to ground speechless with big ear ring is back. Yes she is NT who has just answered. Geet is shocked to find Naintara there and goes in FB with NT mode with Dev.

NT bashes Geet about her dare, she says Geet is incredible, after getting betrayed she found a way to live, got love and that too in same house. Geet tries to go but NT holds her hand. Geet retorts back boldly that someone has taught me we need to fight and find happiness and there is no point shredding crocodile tears. We need to learn to live else we will end up having tears.

Nt replies rudely even though she is from small town but she has very smartly trapped MK in her web, coz she can not get it even with Dev. Geet warns her do not dare to say a word about Maan Sir. NT tells her party is over, her place is out of the mansion. Geet gives her back that relation is not over, they are not like thread that can break easily. NT tells her that relation and heart both have broken, MK will not listen to you. Geet replies you better not talk about heart, relation and MK, coz you do not understand them at all

Geet further tells NT, she will tell the whole truth to him. NT says what truth?. I have told him all and he won’t listen to you. Naintara further informs Geet that she revealed Dev’s truth to everyone, and Maan has rejected her. Geet asks what truth did you tell him?. We both know what is the truth and reality. I always follow truth and honesty and have you told him the truth then you will be the one who would be out of the house. Geet runs from there calling MK to find him but he is no where. NT follows her to the room and tells her that, he has gone, but you did not believe me. Geet who believe in her love confidently replies he can not leave without talking to me. She runs to look for Daadi. NT laughs sarcastically saying Daadi maa.

Daadi tells Geet why has she come now after finishing all?. How dare she has come here after broken her grandson heart. Geet begs to let her explain. Daadi scolds her what will you explain, I misunderstood you. I trusted you, but everything is over now.

Geet says whatever NT told you but Daadi cuts her off saying she was right, your betrayed has left us no where. I was hoping that girl like you would bring happiness in the house and Mk’s life. Geet says let me meet MK once. Daadi retorts no you won’t get to see him again even I do not know where he has gone, and I won’t let you come close to MK, now you go away from here. She pleads while crying to let her meet MK. Daadi refuses and asks her to leave and says who always follow truth and honesty that is why you do not have him with you today. Geet is left in tears and thinks Daadi also knows about Dev. Geet goes away from there with her anthem song and cry.

Now maneet both are on the road. MK is seriously searching for her, thinking where are you Geet, come and say once what you have in your heart.

Geet is going into FB about what Daadi and NT just told her. She thinks she wanted to have all straighten out, wanted to tell the truth. Maneet both thinking about each other in FB with jag soona soona laage song.

Geet thinks he does not even want to meet me once and has believed NT. On the other side, MK is thinking your eyes do not lie. You will have to tell me why you have gone like this. You just can not go away from me.

Daadi is heart broken, NT brainwash that Daadi that you did right by kicking Geet out. Daadi replies I have never expected this from Geet. My trust has broken. Screen freezes on NT with smirk.

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