See What Actress Favour Amaka is Saying About Nigerian Crisis


Nollywood finest Favour Amaka Okonkwo.. Took to her social media handle to say her mind again over the state of this country, concerning over the president speech that made the whole world not even Nigeria only speechless.

She take our mind down to memory lane in the book Chinuwe Achebe titled “THEIR WAS A COUNTRY

What he said in handwriting is actually coming to pass.

I believe we have not forget the statement formal president said in a live broadcast.. He wanted saying change, Change you should asked yourself what kind of change.

Now take a look at what is happening in Nigeria today, it brings back our mind to what the formal president Good luck Ebele Jonathan said.

Can you Imagin that the president of a country will come to Address the country that lost young vibrant youth that lost there life asking of there own right.

People he is their father.

He consecrated to what has been in existence and what they even said and failed to accomplish it.

He never mentioned about the massive death all over the country, he never mentioned the parletive Oba of lagos stored for his reasons best known to him obviously not for the poor.

He never cautioned the Army, He only politically made his speech that got the most of the Sen. Speechless.

So please I call on the international communities, the UN and all the necessary bodies to come to our rescuer.

Because police killing the youth for nothing is evil is High level of Megalomania and Mephistophelean


Michael KimVerified

Posted Oct 25th, 2020



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1 month ago

Political statement ,good job