Publishers Policy

PopNaija Policy For Publishers

Publishers participating in our program are bound by the terms and conditions available at In addition, all publishers must read and comply with the policies provided below. reserves the right to change the policies at any time without prior notice to the publisher. The publisher understands that it is their sole responsibility to keep themselves abreast of all policies available here. reserves the sole right to warn, or without notice, terminate any publisher that is found in violation of these policies. may make exceptions to any of these policies at their sole discretion. Have the right to unpublish, Draft or delete your post at anytime if found violating any of our policy and all earnings concerning the affected posts will be lost at that point.

Pirated and copyrighted Content

This includes Contents from other websites without proper Authority from Companies/Websites that own the content or other copyright-protected material issue these claims. Content owners can set Content ID to block material from PopNaija when a claim is made.

In those cases, the Publishers Credit goes to the copyright owners of the claimed content.

If your content is reported for a maximum of seven(7) time in the said act, we reserve the right to at anytime terminate such account without prior notice to the user and every uncleared earnings in such account will not be paid out even if it was on it withdrawal request period.

Duplicated Contents

Duplicated Content includes; Contents that has already been published to popNaija From either you or another publisher, we (PopNaija) Doesn’t in anyway accept such content whether you twist the title, Change the cover image, or twist between it paragraphs.

Even if the content was Previously approved by our Moderators, our Editors have the right to Unpublish, Delete, Draft or Exclude the posts from Payment.

If your account is found repeating such act, The Account will be on a close watch for a week by our internal review team or we (PopNaija) may suspend such account from further benefiting from our Shared Revenue Platform if found to be Conscious.

Advert Contents

Advert contents involves you getting an advert from a company, organizations or someone to publish it for free on popNaija in a method of normal post aim at earning money from popNaija.

If such content is discovered, We will remove or Exclude the post from your earnings.

If such Publisher is found with five(5) of such post within a Period of seven(7) days, your account will be suspended for seven(7) days. Meaning you’ll not be able to publish on popNaija for a period of Seven(7) days. In most cases, you’ll not be able to access your account during this period, but you will still be able to get your payments when it reaches it thresholds, and other of your posts will still be active for payments and counting for it views.

Duplicated Accounts

PopNaija encourages each publisher to have one account with only one email address, if your account was suspended or terminated for violating our policy, you can however Appeal for a reconsideration, stating what you were doing before your account was suspended or terminated.

If you can’t regain access to your PopNaija account, you can create a new account and start earning from popNaija again, but avoid using same name and Account details because it may Lead to Payment omission.