NOTE: Six Signs That Reveals That Your Guy Has A Plan Of Marrying You.

Both of you are lovebirds and you enjoy each other’s company. He ticks most of the items on your “” list, he loves you, he has a good character. However, you are not sure if he has plans to marry you, below are the sign you should look out for.
He Mentions Wanting To Marry You
Contrary to what some may think, a marriage proposal doesn’t just pop out of thin air.
Most men who are ready to settle down would have had discussions with their significant orders relating to marriage before actually proposing. Remember that marriage is designed to be a life-long journey and no one would want to go into it if they weren’t sure about the person they’d be spending the rest of their life with.
He Discusses Important Issues Concerning Both Of You
If his discussions with you surpass shallow matters and actually cover important topics such as your goals, dreams, starting a family with you, a future with both of you in it together, having kids, etc then this guy could mean serious business.
Additionally, if his discussions include plans bothering around “we”, meaning the both of you, and not just “I” revolving around him, then this could mean he is hinting at a future of which you are part of.
It’s important to note that this point on its own doesn’t conclusively mean this guy wants to marry you. However, it definitely hints that he is thinking of building a more serious relationship with you. And essentially, it will be up to you to figure out what exactly his intentions are.
He’s Dating You Exclusively
If your man is dating you exclusively, then he must mean business. Then again, this could mean otherwise. However, it is a pro and indication that a man’s ready to settle down.
Only a serious guy would have his attention fully focused romantically on you.
Your Opinion Matters To Him
Does he take your opinion seriously? If he does, he’s probably ready to settle down with you. But as usual, don’t get it twisted as this is not conclusive.
Men are naturally engineered to be full of ego and it would take a man who deeply respects you and sees you in his life long term to take your opinions seriously.
At the end of the day, do not take marriage advice from us as we are not marriage counsellors. However, we do know a thing or two about relationships.
Your Relationship Is Public Knowledge
Do not confuse this to mean that your relationship is  posted everywhere on social media. Your relationship being public knowledge means that you two have a relationship where the key people in your life such as; friends, parents, family, colleagues [optionally], and people of interest, know about your relationship. When a man is comfortable with having your relationship in the open, it means he might be heading towards the marriage road with you.


Posted Oct 16th, 2020



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