Most reliable android application that enables seeing through walls


Have you ever wondered about having a 360 camera or vision that let’s you see through walls? If yes, then you are not alone. Alot of people have thought about that too. This will be useful in many ways, most especially when it comes to safety.

Well today, am going to show you an app that lets you see through walls. Thanks app is “wall scanner stimulator HD”. And this app can only be downloaded not on Google Play Store, but on APK pure.

To use this app, all you have to do is

1.)Download and start the app:

After downloading the app from APK pure, you will have to install it. After doing that, you have to start the app.

2.) Place your phone against the wall and click on scan

3.) It will load for some seconds and then, you will start seeing what’s on the other side if the wall.

. Its as simple as that. The app is real and very useful. Give it a try and see the usefulness of the app.

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Posted Aug 7th, 2020



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