Kenyan Lady committed suicide by throwing herself in front of an oncoming train


A beautiful lady from Kenya has committed suicide in Australia early this month. She lived in Vienna and was suffering from depression. She had informed her close friends that she planned to end her life.

The 35 -year old lady identified as Lucy Atieno Harter. She threw herself in front of an on coming train on the railway line at the Banhnhof Atzgersdoftrain station on 5th July.

Lucy Atieno who died as result of depression is set to be cremated. Her brother James Auko said that a friend and police informed the family that she wanted to take her life after her business had gone under and she was under too much pressure from her family.

This frustration of being dead broke in a foreign land drove her to her death.

“She told the friend and the police that her life had become unbearable after her business went down and thus made it impossible for her to carter for her needs and those and those of her relatives who kept on putting her under pressure to send money back home”, he said.

Auko told journalists that the folks have decided to have her body cremated in Australia. The ashes would then be shipped to kenya for funeral at ther ancestrial home in Seme, Kisumu county.

“The family deliberated for long and decided to create her in Vienna Austria to cut on costs. As you are aware shipping a corpse to Kenya is very expensive”, said Auka, the family spokemans

She was frustrated because her family in Kenya kept on requesting her for money, yet she was dead broke in a foreign land.

Atieno’s brother, Auka, who is also the family spokesman, said that the family decided to cremate his sister’s body at wien Bestatting Funeral Home and Crematorium in Vienna after her untimely death.

They will then fly in the ashes of the beautiful lady from Kenya and bury them at their home in Seme, Reru Kisumu, next week.


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Posted Jul 31st, 2020



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