If you want your Android Phone to last, Avoid these 10 things.

This past decade we have seen the advancement of technology in all parts of life and one of the most evident amongst them is the technology of the mobile world, which we all popularly call smartphone today.

Phones have long gone from the stage of only calling and receiving, now phones are used for professional photography and even videography that’s how advanced the technology has come.

Most of us use our smart phones everyday and youths even do so more, but do you know there are some things we do that kill’s our phones slowly? Today I’ll be telling you some ways you can help it.

Firstly, phone enthusiasts please, never root your phone, this does not only make the security patchs Google often sends no longer available to you, making your phone prone to virus attack, it also voids your warranty.
View pictures in App save up to 80% data.Don’t make call or play games while your phone is plugged in. Alot of us are guilty of this, even me but this is mainly not our fault the power system in Nigeria is what you can’t predict which makes most of us to plug our phones while using it, but it’s not good for the health of your phone and especially the battery.

Don’t leave apps you’re not using to continuously run in the background, some apps are really big and would stress out the system making it slow and the phone would not be pleasing for you to use.

Don’t repair your phone with a road side engineer, yes it might be cheaper but your phone might end up getting more problems than solving it, so it’s better you take it to an authorized technician.

5.Don’t put your phone face down, if you’re not using those high end devices, that comes with corning glass protection, laying your phone face down might damage your screen and leave scratches.

Not using screen guard of back cover, when your phone falls it might be bad news for you, so it’s better you try to get one as soon as possible.

Don’t ever use unoriginal charger for your phone, as this would damage your battery on the long run.

When you’re under the sun, desist from using your phone as this would increase the temperature of your smartphone, there by damaging it.

Don’t download apps from unknown sources as it may come with malwares that would attack your phone.

Don’t sleep ontop your smartphone, alot of us are quite guilty of this, maybe you’re operating it and you somehow fell asleep, the is not good as sleeping on your phone could end up breaking the screen or making it have a screen bleeding.

That’s all I have for you, which it this do you do and if you have any additions please add to it.

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Posted Aug 19th, 2020



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