If You Use Facebook, Yahoo Boys Don’t Want You To Know These Tips

Facebook is the story behind many great people.



But it is also where many lives have been destroyed.


Being used by over 6 Billion people, Facebook is home to all types of people. From the most lovable human beings to evil creatures who just have crime in their hearts.


The question is, “why so many people?”


The answer is in its purpose. Facebook is a great tool for communicating with friends and family, meeting new people and sharing our views and lives with everyone. So who doesn’t like to talk to friends and family?


It is also the best place to steal, scam and impersonate. And that makes it a useful tool —for criminals.


Since we now know that Facebook is far from far, here are some tips on how to stay safe and protected from yahoo boys, scammers and other criminal activities.

Never Keep A Large Number Of Friends:

Let me share with you another Yahoo Boy secret.


Only accounts that have a large number of friends are usually hacked by the criminals. This is because they see opportunity to scam more people.


Attacking user A who has 2,000 friends is more profitable for them since their the chances of using A’s name to scam people is higher than attacking user B who has a mere 300 friends.


Having a lot of friends is ALMOST never a bad thing. But having a lot of friends on Facebook spells trouble.


It doesn’t matter whether you know all of them or not. High numbers make you more attractive to yahoo boys and hackers alike.


Delete Your Search History:

As most Facebook users know, every person’s name, every trending topic, every search you make on Facebook is automatically saved.


This is usually not a problem but there have been instances where you’re information can be stolen through this.


How? Let me try to explain in the easiest way possible.


Let’s say a scammer found out that you regularly searched for “cars for sale under 1million naira.” He could created several scam advertisements on Facebook showing you some of the best cars at unbelievable prices.


If you eventually tried to buy one of his cars, that’s how you can get scammed.


Thankfully it is easy to delete your recent searches on the Facebook mobile app. Make sure you do so now!

Don’t Use Your Real Date Of Birth

Some of my readers will ask, “Are you telling us to lie?!”


The answer to that unfortunately, is “yes.” This is why you should lie.


DID YOU KNOW that 90% of ATM card PINs are the owners date of birth?


When signing up for Facebook for the first time, you might remember being asked for your date of birth.


Many, including myself, provided our real dates of birth. This should be changed immediately


It is one of the ways Yahoo boys and thieves get our ATM PIN numbers.


In case you can’t change the date in your account settings, you can hide it from being available to the public under your profile settings.


Don’t Accept Friend Requests From Strangers

“Don’t talk to strangers.”


If you mother used to tell you that statement when you were a child she wasn’t just trying to scare you.


It doesn’t matter whether you talk to the person or not, accepting an unknown friend request opens your whole life to them.


All the posts, all the locations, all your activities that can only be seen by your friends will be revealed to the stranger.


I don’t know about you but I am not sure I want a thief or yahoo boy to be looking at pictures of me with my family.


Change Your Passwords Regularly

Do you know yahoo boys may know your passwords as we speak.


It is not until the day your account gets hacked that they actually got your password. They may have been monitoring you over a period of time.


The reason they wait is for you to make any money transactions using Facebook. When you do, they can access your bank account details.


Internet security Giant, Tdntr, recommend changing your Facebook password at least once a month.


This may seem like hard work and a little unnecessary but it goes a long way to boosting your privacy.


I, personally use a particular name and just change the numbers regularly (for example, Bango134 in January and Bango441 in February).


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stevo paul

Posted Jul 31st, 2020



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