I was kept under the rain for more than 1hour and beaten by police men for no reason- Twitter guy


The cases of police misconduct seems to be an endless events in Nigeria as a young man whose username is Danbabanaija on Twitter narrates his most recent experience in the hands of police along benin-ore road.

He said” I left Lagos for Benue State, on Saturday 25/7/2020. aloside my consin we were stopped by some of the members of the Nigeria police force, after so many check points and they asked us to pay the sum of 150,000 for no particular reason”

He claimed he was stopped on his way by Police officers and after they were checked and nothing was found on them, the officers demanded that they should give them 150,000 Naira for what reason exactly. How does all these happen in this country. How did we get to this condition where police who are supposed to protect citizens becomes a nightmare to the same citizens either because of extortion or brutality. Is this ever going to stop one day?

He added “We were forced to a POS where we finally withdraw 10,000 Naira.

We where treated like a criminal. One of the police whose name is, Odjon Airemakhu with force No 448533 told us to make another payment because he think i look like a Yahoo Boy, they took us to unknown police station”

He also said “They kept us under the rain for more than 1hour I was beat and insulted by the officers, they directed me to another POS where they charged me 10,000 Naira. It was claim to be declined but the money was debited from my account. I call on @PoliceNG to investigate this matter”

I believe all this happened to him based on his appearance, he was keeping a dreadlock. We should try to dress in decent manner that wouldn’t attract unnecessary and undesirable attention to us, albeit, this is not an excuse for police officers to treat people badly just because of how they look without any evidence to prove they are criminal.

What is your opinion on this because I will like to know



Orim Promise

Posted Jul 31st, 2020



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