How to start mini importation from China and make huge profits.


It is a well known fact that China has been the choice of many business owners to buy goods in bulk at a relatively cheaper price compared to other countries. China is leading the world in manufacturing and industrialization. It is also one of the best countries to buy cheap and most times quality product and sell to make huge profit.

Buying from China and shipping to Nigeria which is also known as importing has become very easy to do. Years back only a few individuals who had contacts to agents abroad could easily import goods to Nigeria but today the story is different. Procurement companies have made it very easy for any one to import from China to Nigeria and other west African countries. The reason why it is called mini importation instead of importation is because you are not buying large amount of goods that requires 20 feet containers.

Importing from China and selling in Nigeria involves 5 things

1.) Sourcing for your goods.

2.) making payments with a procurement company to buy and ship your items.

3.) selling your goods to the final consumer.

Sourcing for your goods


One of the best sites to go source for goods is 1688. This is the best because it is cheaper. You can also use some other sites like AliExpress and Alibaba but overall 1688 is the cheapest. You will need Google Chrome for using 1688 because of it ability to convert Chinese to English. All you have to do when you get to the site is to browse the items you want and pick the ones you desire to import.

Making payments with a procurement company to buy and ship your items.


Ordinarily you can’t import goods on your own or atleast it won’t be easy doing it. You will need a procurement company to make the job done easily. Chrisvicmall, NBC logistics, spreadit global and Hugo diamond are all example of procurement companies operating in Nigeria with major offices in Lagos, Onitsha and sometimes Aba. After registering with a company, you will need to send a copy of the link to the procurement company. I personally recommend spreadit global. After sending them the link and making payments, they will help you buy your goods, receive it at their warehouse in China and ship it to you. Note that the shipping fee differ from company to company. The shipping fee is also measured in Kg so the heavier your goods the more the cost of shipping.

You can ship your goods using sea freight which cost less and could take weeks or air freight which is expensive but is way faster.

Selling your goods to the final consumer


After receiving your goods either at the office of the company in Nigeria or to your door step. The next thing is to sell. You can sell it on an e-commerce site or in your personal shop to your customers. Most of the time before buying any goods you must have targeted a group of customers around you who will be willing to buy.

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Posted Aug 14th, 2020



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