How To Create Your App For Free Within 10 Minutes And Make Money From It

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In this article, I will show you how you how to create your app without any programming knowledge and make money from it.


Step one create your app if you don’t have one

* Nowadays, creating app has been made very easy with the help of some apps and websites. You can create an app for free from Sketchware with out stress and without wasting much of your time.


About Sketchware

Sketchware is an an App that helps beginners to program their own app for free in no time.


You can create your app in Sketchware by just adding template with it’s function written on it.

Then link it to Google admob and add ads in your app.


Note; it’s admob that will pay you whenever your app is being used . Admob us absolutely free if charge.


After making the app

What’s next after making the app?


After making the application you can publish on Google play store,apple store or APK pure. But the one I have details of is Google play store.


Though to register with Google play store, you will have to make a one time payment if 25$ and after that you will just stay at home and enjoy your money coming in.


You can make up to 10 – 20 $ a day depending the quality of your app.


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stevo paul

Posted Jul 31st, 2020



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