How To Activate Mtn 1Gigabytes For N200

Welcome everyone, in this article, you are going to learn how to activate 1gigabytes data for #200 on your Mtn sim card. Please before you start reading how to get it, kindly click the Follow button upward to get updated whenever I publish a new article.

I myself has been buying 1 gigabytes data for #300 when I have not gotten to know the code used to buy 1 gigabytes data for #200. But immediately I got to know that code, I oftenly use it and enjoy it very well. Everybody that I have been telling the code usually thank me and I know that when you also know the code now, you will also appreciate me in the comments section.



Below are the steps to get 1gigabytes data for #200 on your Mtn sim card.


Step 1= Dial *131*65# on your Mtn sim card in your phone. After dialing the short code, a page will pop-up like

After that page pop-up, choose number 2 and press send.


Step 2= After you have sent your request,

After that page above show on your phone, choose proceed and click send.


Step 3= After you’ve chosen proceed and clicked send, a page will also pop-up and the image is below

After this page has shown, choose your preferred option and start enjoying your data for 7 days.


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stevo paul

Posted Oct 12th, 2020



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