Guys See Pick Up Lines To Woo(Toast) A Lady Perfectly

Many guys don’t know how to woo a lady or even start the process, some lack confidence to approach a lady whom they have feelings for while some develop cold feet in the process.

We have developed a number of pick up lines that will create a favourable atmosphere to confidently start a wooing process and below are those pick up lines.

1) Excuse the pretty one, please permit me to have access into your heart.


2) Excuse me pretty lady, I am lost, can you give me directions to your heart.


3)Hi, are you sure that you are not tired, you have been running through my mind all night.


4) Excuse me please my heart was just stolen now,do you have an extra heart.


5)Hi, please would you hold my arm,so that I will use that opportunity to tell my friends,that an angel has touched me.


6)Hi, you are a pretty lady and I am a handsome guy,combined together will be “pretty handsome” how do you see it?


7)Hi, please can I fellow you home? because my father always tell me to fellow dreams.


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Posted Aug 5th, 2020



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