Guys, No Girl Will Date Or Marry You If You keep Doing These 5 Things

As a guy, there are times you would meet a lady you love so much, Next thing is for you to get to know her and shoot your shot as usual, but then something unexpected happens, she turns you down. You meet someone else, you fall in love again and ask her to be your girlfriend, she turns you down again.

This would hurt you and make you lose your self esteem, You start wondering what is going on and start asking if your village people are after you. Nobody is after you, infact you are doing your self, there are few things you do that will make a woman never to date you.


1. A woman will never date you if you are a smoker or an alcoholic, nobody wants to marry a man that wastes money on cigarettes and hot drinks. What happens if you get drunk, You might end up hurting her and no woman wants that. 

2. No woman will date you if you are lazy, every woman wants a hard working man. Nobody wants to carry another mans burden, You should be able to work hard. A man should never be weak, he must be tough and ready to work. 

3. A lady can never date you if you are a flirt, if you keep jumping from one girl to another. Nobody wants a man that has different pictures of Women in his phone, when you are not a photographer. Every woman wants a man they can trust, a man they can call their own alone. 

4. No girl will date any man that talks too much, men should know how to control their mouth. It is a bad thing for a man to gossip too much, he will end up using his mouth to spoil his home. He will one day spill all the secrets, and private things, no lady wants that. 

5. No lady will date you if you are stingy, nobody likes a stingy man. Nobody will date you if you are mean and harsh to ladies, if you are abusive and insult alot, women will avoid you. No woman will date a man that beats other Women, and insults them badly. 

Ask yourself as a guy, will you be happy if your daughter dates someone like you, if your answer is no, then change your lifestyle. Thank you for reading, kindly comment, share, like and please follow me for more. 

stevo paul

Posted Jul 31st, 2020



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