Girl Narrates Her Ordeal after visiting a Friend She met on Facebook


Society as we know is no longer what it used to be, I’m using this opportunity to warn mothers all over Nigeria to advise their daughters from the type of friends they keep in person and also on social media.


The story I’m about telling you all is not a fiction or is it in any way manipulated in other to please the readers, it is an actual event that occurred to a young girl staying in my street, she was a close neighbor of mine when I was staying in Aba, Abia state.

According to the victim whom I will anonymously write about in this article in other to protect her identity and also avoid her being ridiculed by the public.

This is her story as clear as I can remember;


It all started late July 2019, I got back from work and being tired, I decided to lay flat on my bed and rest for a while before entering going to the bathroom, casually I brought out my phone to check out the happenings on social media and to catch up with the latest online gossip.

While browsing through Facebook, a message popped on my messenger’ “Hi dear”, — the sender wrote, I checked who the sender was, and found out we are friends already, everyone’s aware how Facebook works, a total stranger can add up you and the next thing telling you how beautiful you are and all sorts of flattery just to get your attention.

The cut the story short, this guy who chatted me up, the picture he used in his profile is really appealing, and any young lady will be highly arrested to him and his dress sense, in all honesty, I fell for his looks and the flashy car he was either sitting on to take a full picture or when he was inside it with just a selfie.

Replying to his message that day led to us talking more and more every day, this went on for months till we entered December, and during all this time he was the perfect gentleman and so sweet whenever we talked on the phone. I never sensed him to be the type to hurt a fly not talk of the things he and his gang did to me.

Having talked to him for closely 5 months, I thought I knew him, and he was really interested in me, we arranged to meet because he told me he’s staying in Owerri, Imo State and his Facebook profile displayed that as well.

We arranged to meet in a hotel which I strongly objected to, but he gave me series of excuses, one being that he stays with some of his friends that we won’t have full privacy when I visit and also I shouldn’t worry that he’s making serious plans of packing out soon to live alone, that he’ll love me to move in with him, if he after my visit, and after seeing him in person and I like him that we’ll move our relationship to the next level.

This guy made me so many promises and I believed him. Although I have my suspicions sometimes because when I call him, he hardly picks, he prefers being the one to call.

On December 22, my boss paid me my salary and bonus, plus some money as a farewell for the year, I on the hand has been saving a lot because even though I didn’t tell my boss I was planning to quit having secretly wrote jamb one Saturday I skipped work.

All the money I’ve been saving for my school was in my account plus the last sum my boss gave me and I set out to meet my supposed boyfriend in Owerri, from ABA to Owerri is only 30 minutes ride without traffic, and I was supposed to stay with him in his hotel room for at least 3 days before leaving for my hometown Ukwa to spend what’s left of the year with my family.

On getting to the location we were supposed to meet and where he was supposed to pick me up, he wasn’t there, I called and immediately unlike him he picked and told me he’s stuck in traffic, that’ll he’ll soon meet me, I was nervous and excited at the same time.

A few minutes later he called me and told me that one of his employees will come to pick me up that he’s driving back to the hotel due to heavy traffic, hearing that I decided to go back to Aba immediately, I also called him to let him know that what he did wasn’t acceptable.

Somehow, he convinced me on the phone that I shouldn’t go back and told me I haven’t come all this way to stood him up and the gifts he bought for me, somehow I listened to him and later agreed to follow his boy to go meet him.

I got to the said hotel and reaching there, he was standing at the entrance and smiling at me, we went up to his room, and we spent some time talking, I was happy I finally met him, although he isn’t exactly the same person in the picture, in fact, he was way good-looking in pictures than in real person.

Cutting the story short, towards evening, and looking around the room the only thing I saw was a big music box or Bluetooth speaker like it’s popularly called, I wanted to ask him about my gifts but ditched the question because I wanted to relax first.

It was around past 8 in the evening, he told me he wanted to go downstairs and get some kinds of stuff, it took him close to an hour to return and when he did two more guys entered the room with him, I got startled immediately they walked in and I was looking him maybe to introduce them as his friends, yet he didn’t, instead, there was this serious look in his face, the first thing he asked me was “where’s your phone ?”

I gave it to him, shaking and too scared to ask him what’s going, I knew I was already in danger when those men walked in; he asked me a second question and I didn’t hear him well because one of the guys turned on the Bluetooth speaker and started playing loud music.

He asked me the question again’ where is your ATM card?”

I know the amount in my account and what I wanted to use it for, I started crying and begged him to please let me go, immediately it dawned on me that I didn’t even tell anyone where I was going, I have never done anything like this before and I’m in deep regret now.

Only one thing was on my mind now, and that is these people are going to kill me here and no one will know exactly what happened, stories will fly around that I was only a prostitute killed in a hotel room in Owerri.

After few slaps, they took my ATM card, the money in my handbag, and my wristwatch, they tore my blouse and used it to tie my hand to my back and also gagged my mouth, the three of them had their way with me, and they did it without any protection, all through that night I couldn’t believe what was happening to me, I have read stories about incidents like this, but this happening to someone like me and what I experienced is a horror I’ll never wish on any woman in this life.

Early in the morning the next day, the guy I came to meet along with one these devils left me with just one of the guys, and a few hours later they returned and told the one they left with me that have withdrawn the money in my account, the money I’ve been saving the whole for my school, they withdrew it all.

I was tied up, crying and praying for help in my heart because I don’t want to die like this, I was hoping the room service will come and then I may have a chance of leaving this place alive but no one came to clean that room the whole day.

There in the toilet, I could hardly hear what they’re saying or doing in the room, because of the loud music from the speaker, and when any of them wanted to use the restroom, they’ll first play with my body like it was nothing.

I think it was the second day of me sleeping in that toilet, I was so tired and I couldn’t feel my hands because it was tied to my back, I have lost track whether it was night or day, also if I was sleeping or even fainted, but when I opened my eyes I saw at least 4 people standing in the toilet door, when one of them saw me staring at them he came close, loosed my torn cloth used as a rope to tie my hand and mouth, then brought a towel to cover me up.

It was the hotel management, they have found me after two days of being tied up, one of the cleaners was explaining to the man shouting at him for explanations, vaguely I heard the cleaner telling him that the people that I was within the hotel insisted he come back later he tried to come in clean their room.

The hotel management helped her with transport and a cloth, and she came back to her house in Aba on the 28th of December, she didn’t even tell anyone what happened to her, it was an elderly lady who’s also her neighbor that queried her on why she returned so early after traveling to her village, It was then that she broke down in tears and poured out the horror she went through a few days ago.

She told her story to her surprised neighbors who never saw her as the type to go see a guy she only met online, everyone had their say in the matter, while some critiqued blamed her, I, on the other hand, was lucky to be there listening to it word for word, and I was absolutely perplexed. (Girls, men, I don’t even know who to blame on this one honestly)


Most of the details she told me when I asked her one on one what really happened, she didn’t reveal the whole story to her neighbors, but she told me fully what happened in confidence and also that someone should know exactly what she went through because of someone she met on Facebook.

I know many have found love on social media but I can sure many have as well lost their lives to it.

Earlier I advised mothers to caution their female child, especially now that the Ember month is drawing closer.

Fathers, in turn, please advise your sons, I know that society has made it almost impossible for the male child to make money through legal means but crime, extortion, fraud and stealing under false pretense is not the answer to the high rate of unemployment the youths and masses are experiencing at large.

I hope parents and youths alike learned from this story and desist from self-demeaning and life-threatening practices.


Thank you for reading and God bless you all.

Orim PromiseVerified

Posted Aug 30th, 2020



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