[BTS] Mockingjay Part 1: The Hunger Game (effects)

Just by watching the Hunger Games you wouldn’t realise that it has a huge amount of vfx, roughly the same amount as Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. 1,200 shots completed in just 23 weeks and on a very tight budget.

You also wouldn’t realise that these effects were created by over a dozen different companies worldwide.

Every VFX house has its own area of expertise, things its specializes in or just things its done a lot of times.

The fact that the VFX for the hunger games were so varied, from animated wasps, or crowd simulations to fire, explosions or holograms meant that a lot of different vfx houses had to be used.

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One of the main contributors was Hybride who not only did set and crowd extensions and the effects for “the wall of fire” but also created the incredible control room.

For this they made a set with green screen backgrounds and desks with green tops so they could later add their 3D holographic table top interface.

In order to avoid the actors looking like they were just randomly touching the table they created some animations for the actors to use as reference including actions for zooming in, moving and generally interacting with the control rooms interface.

Rising sun:

Rising sun pictures collaborated with Rhythm and hues to produce over 200 shots, including some of the films most iconic.

They created Katniss’s fire dress as well as the “wings of fire” which required extensive work to position correctly and then to have them respond to the actors movements and the effect of the wind.

They also worked on creating the wasp and mutation assets that were unleashed by the game makers in the final moments of the games.

But their largest task by far was to create a complete CG Capitol environment and sprawling CG views of the magnificent central city of Panem.

They used Roman and Nazi architecture as inspiration to create a cold and calculated look to the city and add to the overall feeling of dictatorship and oppression.

Collaborative Effort:

Tremendous organization and synchronization between VFX houses was needed to complete this monstrous task. And the “mutt”ation scene is the perfect example. Rising sun pictures created the basic “Mutt” asset and sent it to rhythm and hues who added muscle, skin and rigged and animated it. They then sent it to Hybride who then incorporated it into their control room holographic interface.

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Posted Nov 10th, 2020



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