9 Mathematics Questions Every WAEC candidate should know


I am writing this article to help student pass core subjects with ease. I urge every candidate to take these mathematical questions serious and solve over and over because half of it will drop like a magic. If you get these questions, solve it thoroughly and also share to your friends as well.

Below are the questions


There are 40 pupils in a class. 30 of them study Biology, 10 Physics and 21 study Chemistry. 15 study Physics and Biology, 10 study Chemistry and 13 study Biology and Chemistry. 2 study Physics only and 7 study Biology only.

I. Represent this information on the venn diagram

II. How many pupils study all the three subjects.

III. If a pupil is selected at random, what is the probability that he studies Physics or Chemistry.


ABCD is a right pyramid with base ABC which is an equilateral triangle of side 18.0cm. Each sloping edge of the pyramid is 13.0cm. G is the centre of symmetry of triangle ABC. If |AG|=10.4cm, calculate

a. The angle between AV and the base ABC

b. Correct to one decimal place, the height of VG of the pyramid

c. Correct to the nearest whole number, the volume of the pyramid

d. The angle between the face BCV and the base ABC.


a. Draw a table for multiplication modulo 7 on the set P={2,3,4,5,6}

b. Use your table to find on the set P, the truth set of n[×](n[×]6)=3


a. Using a scale of 2cm to 2units on both axis, draw on a graph sheet two perpendicular 0X and 0Y.

b. Draw, labelling all vertices and indicating the coordinates clearly,

I. ∆PQR with coordinates P(2,0), Q(8,-4) and R(8,0)

II. The image ∆P1Q1R1 of ∆PQR under a reflection in the line y=2, where P—>P1, Q—->Q1 and R—->R1

III. The image ∆P2Q2R2 of ∆PQR under a rotation through 90° about the origin, whereP—>P2, Q—>Q2 and R—–>R2

IV. The image ∆P3Q3R3 of ∆PQR under a rotation through 180 about the origin, where P—->P3, Q—->Q3 and R——>R3

c. What single transformation maps ∆P3Q3R3 on to ∆P2Q2R2?


a. Using a ruler and a pair of compasses only, construct

I. ∆GBC with angle GBE=30, |BG|=12cm

II. L1, the locus of point 6cm from C.

III. L2 the perpendicular from C to BG

b i) Locate A and D, the intersection of l1 and BG

ii) Measure |AD| and ACD

iii) Calculate, correct to two significant figures, the area of the minor sector ACD


Without using mathematical table or calculators evaluate (0.0125 × 0.00576) ÷ (0.0015 × 0.32), leave your answer in standard form.


A trader sold 1,750 articles for GH¢525,000 and made a profits of 20%

a. Calculate the cost price of each articles

b. If he wanted 45% profit on the cost price, hoe much should he have sold each articles.


The annual rent of a rectangular plot of land is GH¢1,024 at a rate of 32GP per square metre. If the length is 80m. Find the with of the plot.


If cos x = 0.6717, use mathematical tables to find

i. x

ii. sin x


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Posted Aug 4th, 2020



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