7 ways to know your son is a Cultist

Cultism in Nigerian are secret-society in our schools and community that have recently been involved in illegal and violent activities.

It is a menace that keeps threatening innocent people including young and old, inviting them to come and join, Cultism is a problem that has not yet been solve.

These seven signs will guide you to know if your children are cult members.
1. Dress code:

Every cult group has a dress code with which they are identified. When your campus friend enjoys wearing a particular colour always, he is likely to be a member of the cult group that flaunt the colour.

The common colours among campus cult groups are black, blue, red and yellow.

Apart from the colour code, cult group member may have handkerchiefs and hat as part of their fashion acessories.

2. Handshake or Clawing:

Chinua Achebe said “when a hand shake goes beyond the elbow, then we know it has turned to another thing”.

This is very true about cult members greetings patterns. Cult group have different handshake signals and rituals that involves grabbing of the wrist and twisting the fingers. When your friend mistakenly greets you this way, you should know he belongs to one cult group.

3. Scars:

Initiations of new members into secret associations on campus comes with beating and severe punishment. This could land a permanent cut on the new members face or body.

These scars are meant to give a new member (mostly new students) an identity and a sense of belonging and confidence in the group.

4. Spontaneous decision: The nature of secret group activities propels them to act impulsively and take spontaneous decisions. They can disappear from school for a day or two without informing their innocent roommates.

5. Nicknames: Frat members don’t usually go by their real names. They have nicknames reserved for their cult groups and these names are said to have bearing on the types of cults they are affiliated with. Their nicknames can be as random as any individual but the problem with theirs is that nobody is permitted to make fun of those names, even if the name sounds funny.

6. Lingo: They have slangs which they use to communicate amongst themselves, each cult group has its strange words only members understand.

7. Clique:

Frat members are friends bound by blood and oath covenant. No individual can know their ways, They are like birds of a feather, they flock together.

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Orim Promise

Posted Jul 31st, 2020



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