5 Things No One Will Tell You About Smoking Marijuana.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the things noone will actually tell you about smoking marijuana.

So, no long talk, let’s dive right in to the facts.

1) Smoking Marijuana actually alters your state of mind.


I had to put this one at the top of the list because it’s a question most people will love to see the answer to. It is well known medical fact that burning the THC compound in Marijuana produces the “Highness” effect people feel after smoking marijuana.


This compound can actually affect the state of the mind due to its unique resemblance to our own body’s chemical compound called anandamide. The close resemblance to Anandamide allows our body to recognise THC and then transport it through the neural networks in our nervous system.

Here is the problem though, by attaching to the nervous system, it invariably affects our pleasure points, thoughts, memory, movement, concentration, coordination, time perception and sensory organs. For instance, by altering the hippocampus, creating new memories between the time of smoking marijuana and when it washes off becomes a big issue.


Also someone who has recently smoked marijuana is likely to try being more sober so that people won’t notice them. The person becomes unnecessarily sensitive to things that would barely bother them ordinarily.


2) Can make you loose your coordination.

This draws from the first point above. By attaching itself to our body’s cannabinoid receptors, it goes directly straight to the most fatal area of our body, the brain’s neurotransmitters. For people with less strong head, their body system may force them to sleep it off or you will notice them start saying incoherent things.


I once saw a guy busy talking about how fishes have doctors and nurses, and that if any fish should get injured, their fish friends will take them to fish hospital where the fish doctors and nurses will take care of one of their own. Those kind joncing stories!


Also, you may notice them picking interest in odd things around the environment and comfortably trying to know what’s up about it. This is in extreme cases though. It does wear off though after 3 – 4hrs of running it’s Highness effect.


3) No matter the mild sayings, it is still smoke.


This one is self-explanatory. Smoking marijuana entails that the person is ingesting smoke into their lungs. Though there are no conclusive evidence that smoking marijuana is linked with any lung related disease or cancer, always know that there is no way ingesting smoke into the body continuously for years is going to end well for the body organs taking the hit!


4) Can give you the best rest ever through sound sleep.


This is what most people who use marijuana won’t tell you. Smoking marijuana after coming back from work before bathing or afterwards will help you sleep soundly for the night depending on how long you can go.


5) Can admittedly increase your creativity and brain productivity when you consume it.


…And invariably also turn you into an addict because of the creative euphoria it can unleash if you are a creative person and know how to tap into it. Be warned!



6) Marijuana seed does not “high” people nor make them mad.

It is actually the best plant based proteinous food that has all the amino acids required by our body. Marijuana oil from the marijuana seed is in fact used in many medical centers to treat cancer and relieve pain.

stevo paul

Posted Oct 2nd, 2020



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